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Aug 14, 2013 at 07:12 PM

How do you make changes in a SAP Enhancement-Section so that it stays during upgrade?


I have been looking through SCN and see a lot about enhancements but it is said that SAP will not support any code changes inside of their own enhancement sections and it will be deleted during upgrade. What is you do an Enhancement->Replace?

I need to modify the following code before the message w049. What should I do so that the change is ok after the next upgrade?

* Field is not used on any screen in MIGO
ENHANCEMENT-SECTION lmigokl3_01 SPOTS es_saplmigo.
IF s_action-display IS INITIAL. "1477221
* issue message only if not in display mode "1477221
MESSAGE w049 WITH l_fieldname.
ENDIF. "1477221