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Aug 14, 2013 at 04:22 PM

Show Popup / Dialog - View in CRM Actions



I am upgrading from CRM 5.0 to CRM 7.02. I have actions using BADI EXEC_METHODCALL_PPF which trigger a popup to request user input in certain cases. It seems to me that there is nothing appropriate in 7.0.

I found:

- note SAP Note 1399145 - CRM FS Actions are not working properly in Web UI

- Thread /thread/1143346

- SAP Help

I found the customizing node:

Customer Relationship management->Basic Functions->Actions->Actions in Transactions->Set Up Dialog Box for Actions

But my impression is that is not possible to issue a popup like in 5.0. With "Set up Dialog Box for Actions" in conjunction with note 1399145 it is only possible to issue a view as popup BEFORE the action is executed, but I need a way to do it within the action. But the PPF-Framework seems not to have changed so I have no information about the call from the web ui.

By the way: what is a model access class. Is this something specific to People Centric UI or is it used in Web UI as well?

Any help would be appreciated!