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Aug 14, 2013 at 02:14 PM

Client dependent/independent changes for QA clients


I am currently planning testing of a new implmentation of SAP ERP, alongside our companies existing iSeries legacy systems.

We are looking at a SAP 4-tier Landscape (Dev, QA, PreProd, Prod), on which there will be 1 x Dev clients, 5 x QA clients, 1 x PreProd client and 1 x Prod. Dev, PreProd and Prod are ok, however QA is throwing up many questions which our SAP Implementation Partner is having difficulty in answering to our satisfaction.

Each QA client, will face off to a separate legacy test environment. These legacy environments are used for in-flight projects, each of which may be on a testing in a different timeline. Understanding that any changes to SAP programs are client independent, how do we handle program changes for a specific project (affecting only one QA client and one legacy test environment), from impacting all the other SAP QA clients?

With my limited SAP technical knowledge, I had assumed that any program changes would be giving a Z program name, which could be transported as client dependent objects. Is this assumption completely wrong?