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Aug 14, 2013 at 12:44 PM

Wagetypes from previous month's ZL incuding cost assignment


Hi all,

I have a requirement, where I need to pay the overtime wagetypes from each month in the following month WITHOUT using a retro calculation.

I am aware I can use IMPRT (Par1 = 1, Par2 = ZL) to get last month's ZL table and can move it into current ZL with INSZL.
I can also get it into the normal processing for the payment month using ZLIT.

However, this process doesn't fetch the cost centre assignment (or any other cost assignment) from the previous month. It just randomly dumps all ZL wagetypes onto the first cost assignment of the current month.

So, if the employee has changed cost centre, say on 25th May then overtime hours from 10th May would be paid in June (correct), but it would use the new cost centre, although these hours should be charged to the old one.

I've already looked into the concepts SAP provides for German public sector (TVÖD), to see whether they are any good and I could copy them for other countries, but the old solution is using "shadow" wagetypes and looses cost assignment on its way and the new solution is relying on retro calculation, which is easy, but not in line with my requirements.

Anybody had this problem already and a suggestion for solution?

Also interested in what didn't work, lest I try the same in vain.

Currently considering modifying/copying IMPRT to get table C1 amended from old period and C1 key in ZH->ZL filled, hoping it will work from there. Alternatively modifying/copying ZLIT and having a big chunk of custom coding in there reading all the previous month data as needed and doing my own stuff.

any experience in this you can share is most welcome - still hoping I'm overlooking something simple and obvious :-)