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Former Member
Aug 14, 2013 at 11:15 AM

Data unable to show after submission to input form


Hi experts

I am using Version 10.0.

I am currently building an input form where I have structured two different hierarchies from the same ACCOUNT dimension in it.

For example, members from H1 and H2 are positioned in the same input form.

When I start to input data into the H1 accounts, those data can be saved and displayed successfully.

However, when I input data into the H2 accounts, the data can be saved successfully but the cell does not display any data.

I am wondering whether this is a known bug? or is my ACCOUNT structure flawed.

Some more information is that in the Planning and Admin console, when I select the "hierarchy" view of the ACCOUNT dimension, if I select H2, I will be able to see accounts that belong to H1 lying around in parallel with the H2 structure.

Please kindly share if you have any thoughts!

Your guidance is much appreciated!

Best Regards