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Aug 14, 2013 at 09:16 AM

Query built on Infoset is redirecting to ABAP debugger


I've built a query on Infoset. On execution it is redirecting to ABAP debugger.


DS1<--inner join-->C01<--inner join-->DS2

CTID is present in all the three infoproviders and is connected; both the joins are inner joins **No other object has joins in infoset- only CTID is connected**

DS1 contains 2 KF (These are the only two KFs being used in Query - Also these key figures are not present in C01 and DS2)

Few characteristics from DS1, C01, DS2 along with the above mentioned KFs are used to build the query.

Some characteristics are present in one infoprovider only and some are present in two infoproviders and some are present in all the three infoproviders.

But only CTID is connected as it is a key.

I want the query to display output as:

common CTIDs (if possible all) and aginst that

some characteristics from any of the three infoproviders and both the KFs from DS1

I'm using CTID of DS1 in Query.

I'm running query through RSRT

BEx analyzer is showing error :

CLI0111E Numeric value out of range SQLState=220 03 row=1 col=9

Error when generating SQL statement

Error reading the data of infoprovider Z****

Error while reading data; navigation is possible

Can someone please help what went wrong. Why the Query is redirecting to ABAP debugger? Why am I getting the above mentioned errors in BEx portal?

Steps taken:

No breakpoints exits - but still tried deactivating and deleting break points

Wizards, need your help to understand this. Please share Solutions/ ideas to resolve this.



Asif Akram Mohammed