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Aug 14, 2013 at 05:44 AM

Issue regarding 1st stage delear procurement during MIRO


Dear All,

I am procuring material from 1st stage delear. But scenario is like this

1. During PO i have information only material net price(not included excise duty) and VAT percentage

e.g Material net price is 100/- per pc and VAT percentage is 5%

A) For this i have created a TAX code with VAT condition only and given material net price as 100/- and saved

2. During GRN, my delear pass excise duties as per his invoice.

e.g BED 10/- Ecess 0.02 and Hecess 0.01/-

B) So what i did i keep my base price is as 100/- and manually entered all duties w.r.t the fields without checking MRP indicator(because excise duties are not added in my PO net Price). Then 100/- base price is added in my material which is correct and i posted J1IEX. Upto this i am clear.

Problem Starts Here.

3. During MIRO which tax code i will select, because the percentage of excise duty is not same. Delear just pass the amount which percentage is varies for each material(as per their Accessable vaule)

Please Guide me How to MAP this scenario is SAP.