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Aug 13, 2013 at 09:27 PM

Ind Coll Requirement Service Order


We have a scenario where Demand Flows from one Plant to another from Service Order.

Suppose Plant A to Plant B.

In Both the Plants we have used MTS strategy, the only difference is MRP4 Ind Coll Req

The Demand is Generated from Plant A and is transfered to Plant B.

We have MRP 4 Ind Coll Req as 2 in Plant A

And MRP 4 Ind Coll Req as 1 in PLant B

So when We Create Service Order for Material in Plant A then System doesn't allow to create PR for Sub Contratcing ( SPecial Procurement Key is set).

Is there any way to control Ind Coll Requirement according to Order Type.

Thanks in Advance for Help