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Aug 13, 2013 at 07:59 PM

How can we set an application reference in NetWeaver's AS Java config tool?



I wonder if anybody can help with this. 😔

We are using NetWeaver 7.30. We deploy Java Web applications. We need to set a strong application reference as discussed here:

Does anybody know how to do it? So far, I can launch NetWeaver's AS Java config tool. Under 'applications' I see one folder called 'Nakisa' which contains our applications and another folder Now one of our applications in Nakisa nees to have a strong reference to jmsResourseAdminApp in How can we create this reference? Unfortuantely, in the config tool there is no intuitive way to do it.

If I may ask another question, is it possible to set this reference via the deploy service when we deploy the sca file? In NetWeaver Developer Studio I don't see how.

Any help would be much appreciated. If you could point me at least to the right documentation.

Many Thanks