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Aug 13, 2013 at 03:58 PM

How to get association of a Z table to a Stad. SAP's Change Document Object - SCDO



I have a Z table, say, my_table with 4 Z fields in it, well.

My functional guy / business analyst said that the business want to track the changes of this table, hence he has asked me to get this make associate to XXXX (whichi is a Standard SAP Change doc. object, tx. code is SCDO) SCDO, pls. let me know how can i achieve this requirement.

XXXX, say an example of VDARL_CBP, i went to tx oc SCDO and choosen this VDARL_CBP and then clicked the General Info. button on menu, there am seeing some DDIC structures. Like the same way

I guess, its nothing to do with Checking the check box of 'Change Document' under 'Further Characterstics' tab 'in Data element level' of all 4 Z fields

Thank you