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Aug 13, 2013 at 10:09 AM

Single SignOn for OData Hybrid Application


Hi All,

I developed OData Hybrid Application (work flow approach) using HTML5,JavaScript for screen design,logics and alerts.Packaged the app using

"Pacakaging Tool "(which available in SUP SDK2.2) and deployed the app to SUP Server through Sybase Control Center. Next to this, i took the HWC

source code (iOS_HWC_2.2.4.tar.gz) from SUP SDK2.2 (Path : C:\Sybase\UnwiredPlatform\MobileSDK22\HybridApp\Containers\iOS ). I customized

the code, and set the SUP_Server details in "Root.Plist " to make HWC to connect to server and register automatically.I am able to assign the app to

Online device .Please check the following provided details.

SUP_Server Preference - 10.XX.XXX.XXX

SUP_Port_Preference - 5001

SUP_CompanyId - 0

Url_Prefix - /tm/.....

Registration_Type - PasswordRegistration

SUP_Username - supAdmin


With this approach, i am able to 1)Register my device automatically 2)Run my application successfully

when i try to run the app in multiple devices, all devices are registering successfully and app also running successfully.But,all the devices are registering with same user "supAdmin" . Please check the below screen

My question is :

1. How to make this as SingleSignOn ?

2.How to connect installed HWC in iPhone to SUP_Server automatically with different UserNames instead of choosing ManualRegistration.

Please suggest briefly on this.

Thanks in Advance,

Hemagiri Seerapu


HWC.PNG (31.8 kB)