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Aug 13, 2013 at 09:45 AM

Switching between MTO and MTS dynamically


Dear Forum,

My client has the following requirement. They mix MTO and MTS production in the following way.

A sales order defines if it should be MTO. In such case the SO segment is created in MRP for the finished product. This is standard SAP and it is fine.

The question arises if the components shall also be planned MTO or MTS. Normally one would control this using the indiv./coll. reqmt flag in the material master of the components (MARC-SBDKZ), i.e. a component is always MTS (= collective reqmt) or it can be MTO if the finished product is MTO (= individual reqmt). This is standard SAP.

However, my client has the requirement to plan the components differently under different circumstances. If the dependent requirements are created for especially big sales order ("bulk order"), some of the components need to be planned in the SO segment too. For "normal" orders these components need to be taken from the general stock (even though the finished product is MTO).

My plan was to interfere in the MRP program at the point where it is about to create dependent requirements and reads the material master for components. The user exit will set the flag indiv./coll. as needed (dependent on the planned order being exploded). The problem is that MRP pre-fetches the material master for all the components when it starts to plan the product - before it starts evaluating the individual planned orders. At this point I can't set the indiv./coll. flag yet.

Therefore I am looking for the place where the pre-fetched material master data are considered again for creation of dependent requirements.

...Or an alternative way to meet this requirement.

Many thanks in advance,