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Aug 13, 2013 at 08:40 AM

Production Process


Dear All,

Curently we are creating monthly one process order per process.

We are checmial manufacturing company. We have several processes to produce final product. Currently we are creating monthly one process order

for each process and Bill-of-Material is defined for each process.

Generaly in BOM, we have material like RM, SFGs, Process Chemical, Pipe Line Material, Packing Materials.

There are 4-5 types of row materials. At a time one RM will be processed. That is company's policy which RM will be procured.

In process we have several stages say in stage 1 we consume RM. There are diff. BOM for diff. RM.

Now here I have following doubts :

1. There are diff. types of process chemical. Depending on RM, production department will use process chemical.

It might be possible that suppose in one process we are using 3 types of process chemical but if process required only one chemical

than produciton dept. will use only one or two or all three.

so if actual consumption does not match with norms defined in BOM, then new BOM and Process order needs to create ?

2. There are many packing materials. out of that production dept. will consume required packing materials. Currently we have defined all

packing materials in single BOM of relevant process.

So I want to know how normally BOM should be maintained. whether it must be modified/add continuously whenever required. If this is

the case then might be we need to change or add new BOM every 2-3 days.

Currently we have not implimented CO Module. If impliemented than variance will be high.

We want to start impliment CO Module from our small plant. which has very small process. So first we want to streamline Production Master data and process.

Request you all to please share your experience.

Thanks and Regards,