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Aug 13, 2013 at 03:32 AM

Cross Company Procurement With Project Stock(Q)


Hi, ALL,

I feel so depressed that we can not using cross companyprocurement to sovle purchasing with project stock(Q).😢

While creating delivery with VL10B or VL10D, the item can not be post issued because SAP can not suport the movement type 643Q.

And our business solution is very painful situation.😔

Please check out the screen shot of the error.

Do you have meet the same problem?

Parimal Kaujalgikar had post the same question Jun 16, 2010.

But no correct answer was replied .

Here is the question description by Parimal.

Dear Gurus,

I am running a cross company scenario through project...

Short brief of org str is as follows -

CC 1 having Plant P1 which is assembly plant

CC 2 having Plant P2 which is compnents plant.

Component plan supplies components to assembly plant for assemblying activity. BOM is maintained at the P1. BOM has an items which will be always procured from CC 2, P2. (Setting is done MM Config)

WBS element is placed at CC 1; plant P1. In this WBS Element, activity is created and BOM item is placed to generate demand.

MRP run on both plants.

CC1, P1 results -

PR is generated for BOM components; these PR are converted to PO. This PO is raised on CC2, P2.

CC2, P2 results -

PR is generated for the subsequest demand from CC1, P1. This PR is converted to PO. Goods receipt is done for this PO. Now the stock position is available at WBS but in plant P2

In entire chain of activities, WBS Element remains same (WBS corresponds to CC1; P1)

In th last step, doing outbound delivery for PO raised in CC1; P1. While doing so system is giving error delivery not supported for movement type 643 Q.

This movement type does not exists in standard SAP set up.

Request you to kindly help me in understanding -

1) How this issue can be solved

2) Wheather I am doing cross company process in correct way through project or is there any other better way to do

Awaiting for your reply.

Thanks and Regards,


\\ But the note 92231 seems not ok.😭

Looking for your reply.😊

Best Regards,

Alex Ding

From shanghai