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Aug 12, 2013 at 06:20 PM

Webdispatcher - Force HTTPS


Hi experts,

i have followed the documentation regarding the SAP Webdispatcher, and have set up the redirecting of URLs for enabling HTTPS, but am running into some issues.

I have a Webdispatcher, version 720, that handles requests from two websites: (ISA shop) (WCEM Shop)

For I have loaded an SSL certificate and going to is working, and will produce an SSL secured connection to the shop. However, as soon as I click a link in that shop, it will link to a standard HTTP page.

So, I thought I could fix this by using a redirect on the Webdispatcher. I added the following rule:

icm/HTTP/redirect_0 = PREFIX=/, FROM=*, FOR=www.shop2*, FROMPROT=http, PROT=https 

In my understanding, this should take all https traffic for and redirect it to https. However, when testing it by typing I do not get redirected to

I also use a modification handler that will add the correct querystring so that my WCEM application understands it, but I don't think that has any impact right?

if "%{HTTP_HOST}" regimatch "www.shop2*" RegRewriteUrl "^/$" "/main/catalog/home.jsf?wec-appid=SHOP_Template" [code=temp,qsappend]

Am I missing something, or is there a flaw in my logic?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!