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Aug 12, 2013 at 05:52 PM

How can we export the Primary key values (along with other data) from an Advantage database?


One of our customers is moving from our application (which uses Advantage Database Server) to another application (which uses other database technology). They have asked us to help export their data, so that they can migrate it to another database system. So far, we have used the Advantage Data Architect (ARC32) "Export Table Structures as Code" functionality to generate SQL. We used the "Include existing data" option. The SQL contains the necessary code to recreate the tables and indexes. The customer's IT staff will alter the SQL statements as necessary for their new system.

However, there is an issue with the Primary Keys in these table. The resulting INSERT statements use AutoInc as the type for the Primary Key in each Table. These INSERT statements contains "DEFAULT" for the value of each of these AutoInc fields. The customer would like to output an integer value for each of these Primary Key values in order to maintain referential integrity in their new system.

So far, I have not found any feature of ARC32 that allows us to export the Primary Key values. We had been using an older version of ARC32, since our application does not use the latest version of ADS. I did download the latest version of ARC32 (11.10), but it does not appear to include any new functionality that would facilitate doing this sort of export.

  1. Can somebody tell me if there is such a feature in ARC32?
  2. Or, is there is another Advantage tool to facilitate what we are trying to accomplish?
  3. If there are no Advantage tools to provide such functionality, what else would you suggest?