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Aug 12, 2013 at 04:05 PM

How are SCN "categories" to be used?


Within the SAP GUI space there is a new category called "SAP Screen Personas". When you create new content (blog/discussion/document) you can assign this category to it. I'm currently unclear, though, what that achieves. From the SAP GUI space overview page there's no hint that I can find of the existence of this category. Even if you know it exists, it isn't clear, to me at least, what to do with it. How do I find content just within this category? How do I find SAP GUI content that isn't in this category - surely something people will want if they aren't Personas users? I've modified all of my Personas blogs to have this category attached, but I can't see a way to modify my discussions the same way.

Can somebody explain how categories should be used and why you might have a category rather than a sub-space? Just curious...