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Aug 12, 2013 at 02:17 PM

Parameter in User Profile (Mass Update)


Dear All,

I would like to setup a below parameter into User Profile for set of users for particular region in the APO system.
Parameter : /SAPAPO/SDP94_D_MODE to "I".

There are approx. 50 Users for that region for which this particular parameter needs to be set.

Is it possible to do this using some kind of mass update or may be updating a particular table etc.

FYI, We do not want to instruct end users to set the parameter individually.

I know about the table "USR05" which shows the Parameters maintained for User IDs in the system. But I do not have maintain authorization to create new entries in this table. Can you please suggest some better ways.

I know my question is more related to SAP security, but you may have some idea about it and can help me.

Any help will highly appreciated.

Thank you
Satish Waghmare