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Aug 12, 2013 at 11:40 AM

enforce modify access restrictions for abap repository objects at package level


Hi All,
there are two different teams working on different projects (project ABC, and project XYZ).

all the repository objects ( like, abap reports, classes, tables, webdynpros etc) for first project have to be created in package Z_ABC only. and similary for the second project in a package Z_XYZ.

the developer userid of first project team is user_abc, and of second project team is user_xyz.

both the user ids have developer access, se80, and they can create and change repository objects.

how can we restrict such that the user_abc can create/change objects only in package Z_ABC and not in other pacakge like Z_XYZ.

similarly, the user_xyz should be able to modify only the objects in package Z_XYZ.

we dont mind with view access. but we want to restrict only the change/create/delete access in other packages.

How can we enforce this modify authorization/access restriction.