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Aug 12, 2013 at 11:41 AM

HCM Process & Forms: Event 'TRIGGERED' of class 'CL_HRASR00_WF_PROCESS_OBJECT' is not triggered


Hi All,

I have created one custom HCM Process and form using FPM form and used the event 'TRIGGERED' of the class 'CL_HRASR00_WF_PROCESS_OBJECT' in the workflow to trigger the workflow.

But after submitting the form from 'HRASR_DT' tcode the event itself is not being triggered hence workflow is also not triggering.

SWU3 configuration is fine.

Event trace is active in SWELS.

WF-BATCH has 'SAP_ALL' and 'SAP_NEW' authorization.

Other events are being triggered in the system like BUS1065-HIRED,BUS7051-CREATED so I think from event configuration is fine, the issue may be something related to HCM Process and Forms.

Please help resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks & Regards

Hafizul Mollah