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Aug 12, 2013 at 10:52 AM

BOM Explosion Problem in S.O. for Same Item Categories



I want to explode a material BOM in sales order, but when I enter the head material at sales order item level, the system gives this message :


Structure explosion for item 000210 is not possible

Message no. V1578


You have tried to carry out a structure explosion within an exploded structure, but this is not possible.

For example, the system finds one component and one item category within an exploded BOM that leads to another BOM explosion in document processing. This is not possible because you can only explode a multi- level BOM and the explosion can only start with a document item that has not been generated by the previous explosion.
Similar problems occur when combining BoM explosion and product selection.

System Response

The system does not carry out the lower-level explosion.


Configure the settings in Customizing, so that sub-items do not lead to another explosion. It might be that the wrong item category was determined for the sub-item.


Please note that I put materials with same item categories in 3 consequent BOM levels and it has settings as bellow:

Structure scope B

Application ENG1 (it is relevant for explosion in sales documents)

please give me a solution.