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Sep 21, 2005 at 06:08 AM

ODS to Cube Load...Urgent...Please Help!!!



Consider the following architecture. We have SAP R/3 connected to an BW/SEM Production System and we are running the BCS consolidation module on this system. For consolidation purposes we have the following architecture in place. There is a daily delta update from R/3 to the ODS and the CUBE.

SAP R/3 -

0FIGL_O07 (ODS) -

ZBW_BCS (InfoCube)

We have been having numerous problems with the daily delta update that runs from R/3 to the ODS and the subsequent data target (the infocube).

Currently the delta has not run for 1 month. Usually the no. of records that are transferred are about 600,000. Today 22 million records were updated to the ODS but the load from the ODS to the cube failed.

The error message was:-

Delta update for 0FIGL_O07 is invalidated

Message no. RSBM113


The delta update for the InfoCube 0FIGL_O07 is invalidated. The can be due to one of the following:

1. A request, which was already retrieved from the target system, was deleted from the InfoCube.

2. A request, which was not yet retrieved from the target system, was compressed in the InfoCube.


Initialize your delta update again.

My questions are:-

1.) Do I have to re-initialize the ODS object and Cube ?

2.) If I delete all the data in the cube including the initialization request and select Update ODS contents in data target (Full update) will this work ?

3.) What could be the problem for this ?

Thanks in advance



ps; Please note that if the update is successful usually there is a green tick (correct sign) next to the request. There is no such sign for any request in the ODS at present.

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