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Aug 12, 2013 at 09:47 AM

MDG 6.1 BP upload from CSV file


Dear all:

We need to upload ~14.000 BP (customer) addresses from a CSV file. Our system is on MDG-C 6.1 SP02. The data in the CSV file is quite simple. We only need to create a few address fields.

According to the research I did the only way to upload this data from a CSV file is to use MDG File Download/Upload. MDG File Download/Upload only allows the data upload by Entity Type. So, my conclusion is that our objective to create only a few address fields can become quite a complex task if we need to create a full BP/customer record by uploading entity by entity (table by table). This requires as well that one knows the right entity/table upload sequence.

  1. We managed to upload BP_HEADER und BP_CENTRAL entities (BUT000). Currently we are stuck trying to upload the address data. Relevant entity types for the address data upload seem to be BP_ADDR (BUT020), ADDRNO (BUT020?) and AD_POSTAL/AD_NAME_O (ADRC). BP_ADDR, ADDRNO and AD_POSTAL are all giving the error message "Field Addr. no. of transfer structure is unknown" when we are trying to select and add field "Address Number" to the file download/upload structure. For the initial address creation our plan was to leave field "Address Number" (ADDRNO) blank in the upload file and only have values in field Business Partner Number (BP_HEADER) since Address Number range interval is internal according to our system customizing. However, as I said we are not even able to add field Address number to the download/upload structure because of the above mentioned error message. Did anyone already experience similar problems ? Or how did you manage to initially upload Address Numbers ?

2. Can anyone tell if corresponding customer tables are automatically populated by MDG CVI e.g. once we will upload the BP roles (BP_ROLE) or do we need to upload all relevant customer tables as well using corresponding entity types (e.g. BP_CUSGEN) ?