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Aug 12, 2013 at 07:05 AM



Hi experts !

I am facing some difficulty in printing bar code in label. I searched the forum and found the same issue has been discussed before but without conclusion.

Hope the problem may be well understood now !

To print the information as Bar code in label, it is said that

1. Bar code font has to be installed in wwi server and as well as local pc. - step done

2. Write your own conversion program - step not done (can't get, what values has to be adjusted & how ?)

3. the symbol has to be expanded with FM based on C128_DUMMY_CONVERSION_METHOD.

I followed the same, and my symbol code looks like this, <02GCG_CHARG(M:C128_DUMMY_CONVERSION_METHOD)[D:Batch]> .

But in i am not getting the output in bar code format.

As discussed in # 1857104 , i checked the FM and found no source code in it. If we want to print bar code in WWI using fonts how this FM has to be modified ?

I am doing it in IDES system. When i executed se73 (SAPscript font maintenance) - >system bar codes -> display, I can see the lot of bar code fonts in the list. And when i change a bar code font and test it, i can get the output in bar code.

So going by the above thing, it can be considered that bar code library is installed in sap system (need clarification from u experts).

In that case, how to use the other option in wwi to print the bar code, " Bar code interface"

In the thread 3307489

it is explained that to print the bar code in wwi using bar code interface, we have to use sap licensed software, "genifix" & activate a BADI-EHSS_WWI_BADI_001.(some where C.B / KRK explained that "genifix" is needed for automated label printing)

Apart from this, if we look the new updated sap help page for sap erp ehs ehp6,

we got to know that, automated label printing is available as a std scenario, and if we check at new WWI installation guide, it is confirmed. Similarly the bar code interface is also avalible by default.(but i think it il be available with the latter release),

Please help he understand printing bar code in WWI !