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Aug 11, 2013 at 05:37 PM

account assignment "K" and quantity updation in inventory


I would like to bring to your notice the following fundamental process in Material Management in SAP

1) Material type – Stores & Spares – Value as well as Quantity is Posted when Account assignment is “Blank” when GRN is done w.r.t PO

2) Material type – Stores & Spares - Value is posted against Consumption account and Quantity is booked against cost centre, when Account assignment is “K”, and qty

Is not updated in inventory (stock will not be visible in MMBE)

3) Material type – Non valuated - Quantity is updated but Value is never updated for Inventory , when Account assignment is “K”

The 3rd point is standard SAP Feature – For Non Valuated Material Types For account assignment “K” Quantity gets updated in Inventory

The goods receipt is posted to the warehouse stock, thus increasing the unrestricted-use stock of the material.

My question to you is

1)Where is this setting maintained in configuration, which determines, Qty. for non Valuated Material Type will be updated to inventory inspite of usage of acc. assgn. category "K"?

2) Where is this setting maintained in configuration This kind of Material type has to be Procured with Account assignment

I have checked

T-codes - OMS2,OMG0,OME9, OMWN,OKB9.couldn't reach to a conclusion