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Aug 11, 2013 at 01:30 PM

0FC_C07 for Delta Records


Hello Mentors,

I am using 0FC_C07 for making customer aging report. As the extractor used to lead the data in mentioned cube if full & not delta enabled, so the activated flow in BI is PSA->Cube Directly.

Now the extractor extract the data based on Key Date & Identification . This means that if we run the extractor run for say key date 01.01.2013 it will fetch all the open items till date that is used for aging. Now say I am running the extractor on weekly basis the next run is on 08.01.2013 & then load the data in Cube.

By say by now I am uploading request to Info cube. Now the problem arises because as the extractor extract the data on key date basis so considering I have data in cube for key date 01.01.2013 & 08.01.2013 , but I want to run the aging report for a business partner for the key date of say 05.08.2013.

so I am getting the duplicate records(hence dues will not match) as there are certain items which are which are open when the extractor runs on 01.01.2013 & also open on 08.01.2013 .

Will creating DSO between PSA & CUBE , then uploading delta from DSO ->Cube will server the purpose .

Please suggest my PSA is scheduled to be populated on weekly basis, extractor used is FC_OP_01 .