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Aug 10, 2013 at 10:19 AM

PermissionControlException: Access is denied error for VC application through portal (


Hi All,

We have recently upgraded from EP 7.0 to 7.3 and along with it, we've also moved our VC to 7.3 SPS7. Post the upgrade activities for the VC application created on our end, we are unable to view the content and get the error as:


The initial exception that
caused the request to fail, was:
Access denied (Object(s):

Failed to process request.
Please contact your system administrator.

While processing the current request, an exception occured which could not be
handled by the application or the framework.

If the information contained on this page doesn't help you to find and
correct the cause of the problem, please contact your system administrator. To
facilitate analysis of the problem, keep a copy of this error page. Hint: Most
browsers allow to select all content, copy it and then paste it into an empty
document (e.g. email or simple text file).

For further information about the Web Dynpro error page, error analysis and a
description of well-known error situations, see SAP note 1113811.

Correction Hints

Exception could be caused by the development component: tc~wd~webdynpro


The above error does not appear in case the user has administrator/content admin access. However, in the absence of these roles, the user gets the error message. Can anyone please provide your valuable inputs on what could be the possible cause for this issue?

We have already tried out an option of creating a test role and assigning the application (which was pasted as a PCD object in portal content) to this role. Now the main page of the application works when it is maintained as default entry for folder under the role, however when the links that navigate to the sub-pages of the applications are clicked, we get the above error message again.

We have assigned the 'Everyone' Group to the identified application based on its path(that appeared in the Web Dynpro Java Applications) and its parent component too and also verified if the tester has the everyone group assigned.

Apart from this, We've also checked the note 1531137, but not of much use. Is there any operation that was missed on our end? Kindly provide your inputs.