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Aug 10, 2013 at 07:31 AM

Error with Leading zeros in CVCs of APO DP


Hi All,

We have an issue in production system with leading zeros of numeric material numbers. 0MATERIAL is the infoobject which has been used as a characteristics in MPOS. The char length is 18 . And the conversion routine MATN1 is used in 0MATERIAL. In OMATERIAL for a partiular material we have two entries like 1234 and 0000...1234.

The same can be seen in Planning book when we upload the data. Though the CVC combinations are unique but we want to display the material numbers without leading zeros.

In MC62 when internal number button is clicked ,system shows material number with leading zeros and for some without leading zero. This only happens for the CVCs for which we have issues. For other CVCs it shows material number with leading zero in MC62 when internal button is clicked.

In SPRO , leading zero option is not checked.

Also In OMSL we have restriction on Material length as 5 digit. We have executed consistency checks and it does not show any duplicate entries.

The CVCs are created from a infocube and infocube does not have material numbers with leading zero.

Please suggest how we can resolve the issue ?