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Aug 09, 2013 at 02:54 PM

Material moved from Restricted with no QM Tx involvement


Hello Experts,

I've a very unusual situation I need explained if possible. I pose this scenario:

Incoming material is received via Mvt 101 > Inspection 01 takes place > material is UDed "SCX" "Restricted use with workflow" ((Batch Managed))

Qty = 100.....

Over time the material sits in Restricted, but in the last two weeks the qty has been reduced by 25.

The question is..... following basic Batch Managed functionality... this material is in status "Restricted".

If no QM Transactions were executed to release any, or all, of this material from "Restricted" and that's been confirmed.... yet the quantity of material has depleted..... How could this have happened?

I used the attached document as a baseline explanation of how the background SHOULD have functioned.

I hope I've included enough background info.. Much thanks in advance to this perplexer.....