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Aug 09, 2013 at 12:56 PM

Best way to learn about cloud products?


Hi there,

Cloud KM started a project to renew the current SAP Cloud Knowledge Transfer offerings. This is not just help - it basically covers everything SAP provides to help customers and partners to understand our software, to learn how to use it, implement it, configure it etc.

In Cloud KM, we already have more than just classical help documentation as we are actively contributing in communities, provide e-learning content and allow customers to enter their own help and learning content.

However - as we see a constant change in how people use cloud solutions or act in general in the web, we want to rethink the stuff we do. Areas of improvements are:

  • Single Source Publishing
  • Multi format/channel delivery
  • Mobile Delivery
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Time to market (automated processes and collaboration facilities)
  • Topic-based, context specific help
  • Multimedia Communication
  • Social Network Collaboration

Most of these topics we at least partly cover already, but we see potentails to be better.

You can help us, to identify the major gaps by simply commenting on some very basic questions:

  • Where - if needed - would you first look at, to get some help about a product
  • What are your preferred formats (text, videos, graphics, presentations, collaboration, others)
  • Would you prefer to get content in English only instead of not getting it at all
  • Which social networks are those, where you would expect proper knowledge
  • Would you like to get more information on our software UIs

Your feedback is highly appreciated and you have a direct chance to improve the knowledge transfer offering of future SAP cloud products.

Many thanks