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Aug 08, 2013 at 07:12 AM

HANA ALV does not display field names when using HANA external view


Hi All,

I am trying to create a prototype using HANA ALV where i am displaying the contents from HANA external view (attribute view) in HANA GUI ALV. The data is coming proper but the field names (which usually should come from the description of the data element type of the field) is not getting filled. So the columns in my ALV display does not have any description. I found from the wiki that : 'Data dictionary references to currencies and units of measurements are missing in External (HANA) Views'. But in my case even the MATNR and Assortment ID and other basic fields (as column heading) are also not displayed. I also found from the wiki that it is possible to do it using the method set_field_header_texts() on field_catalog but i would prefer that it automatically comes from the external view.

When i checked the external view in my eclipse (or directly in the ABAP system) i dot not see the data element and short description for the fields of the view. Maybe this is the reason but i am not sure how to get it filled.

I created a attribute view using HANA studio (which joins 3 tables), has some fields from those tables to the output. Then i created a delivery unit and also created this external view from this attribute view in eclipse. And i could not find any property in the attribute view for the output parameters where i could additionaly set the data elemenet or the description.

Please also let me know if you need any other information from my side. Thanks.