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Former Member
Aug 08, 2013 at 03:23 AM

Running Validation (set up in Business Rules) from SSIS package


Hi Experts,

The environment:


MS SQL 2012

Visual Studio 2010 (BIDS)

I would like a SSIS data package to run SPRUNVALID and SPRUNCONVERSION (which are both in the DEFAULT.LGF) after the data load to the fact table (I used both tblFAC2Model and tblFACTWBModel to load data to test). After loading and optimising, neither of the stored procedures worked. I understand that the default logic will work in input sheets and journals (if JOURNALS.LGF is set up). The input sheets update tblFACTWBModel table, so I thought maybe this will work with SSIS data package, but it didn't.

These 2 currently works in EPM input sheets and in the data manager package.

However, running either from the SSIS package does not process any record. I tried running the Validate.dstx (this runs SPRUNVALID stored procedure called from EPM), but this does not work either.

Has anyone tried to run business rules or FX translation from BIDS?