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Aug 07, 2013 at 10:32 AM

SRM POR vs. ERP Order Acknowledgement


Hi all,

We have an issue with Order Acknowledgements for PO's. We are running SRM 7 and ECC 6 in the Extended Classic Scenario. The PO's created in SRM are replicated to the ERP. The output messages are genereated in the ERP and the Purchase Invoices are posted in the ERP. After posting an invoice in the ERP, we can see the invoice in the SRM when displaying the Related Documents tab for the desired PO row.

Now we would like to receive Order Acknowledgements into the ERP by ORDRSP IDocs from a certain vendor. The IDoc gets posted and the Order Acknowledgement is visible on the PO in the ERP (using ME23N). However, when displaying the original PO in SRM we cannot see any details about the Order Acknowledgement.

It seems that in SRM the Goods Receipts are called Confirmations and the closest to Order Acknowledgements would be Purchase Order Responses (POR's). However, I haven't found any information about whether the Order Acknowledgement from the ERP can generate a POR in SRM. Does anyone know if this is possible? Also, if this is possible, where would the Order Acknowledgement/POR be visible in SRM? I would expect it to be shown in the Related Documents tab of the PO row.

Any advice would be appreciated.