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Sep 20, 2005 at 12:50 PM

BEx Repoprt :Variable Type Customer Exit


Hi Experts,

Advance Thankx For Averyone. Follow my Question

I have one report that is <b>Stock Status Report</b> it will take date as input and shows the stock on that day.

so that i created one <b>Restricted Keyfigure based calendar day and characteristic Stock type</b>,it will take the date and display the stock on the day.

Now my question, as per client requirement he needs to display the stock on that day as well as previous month last day stock, of the given month

Ex 01 Mar 2005

STock 45 Cases

As per clinet requiement

<u><b>01 MAR 2005 28 Feb 2005</b></u>

Stock <b>45 cases 34 cases</b> <b>Like this</b>

also dispaly. i written one customer exit for this to get previous month last day, but i don't know how to go further. My idea is take two variable for calendar day bothe single variable represent, take one as Ready input , here user enter the date take this date make the relevant calculations and fill this date into second variable, but i don't how fill this date into second one pls help me on this issue or let me know any ohter solution.

Two vaiables YSINGDAT and YSINGDAT1 go like this