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Former Member
Sep 20, 2005 at 12:35 PM

where to initialize the java objects


HI All,

when I run webdynpro application first time thejava objects are not instatiating (java objects may be have database operation) .I am instatiating the java objects in the following section


  • The following code section can be used for any Java code that is

  • not to be visible to other controllers/views or that contains constructs

  • currently not supported directly by Web Dynpro (such as inner classes or

  • member variables etc.). </p>


  • Note: The content of this section is in no way managed/controlled

  • by the Web Dynpro Designtime or the Web Dynpro Runtime.


//@@begin others userdao = new;


The problem is if I run application first time not getting any data from java classes.If I refresh or click on other application link or action then only java objects are instatiating.

where actully we have to instantiate the Java Object in WDInit() method or java section of webdynpro.

please help.