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Aug 06, 2013 at 08:56 PM

How to separate a cloned BO server



We have a BO PRD server which has got SP2 + Patch 15 installed on it. The PRD server is not in sync with the DEV server which has got BO SP5 + Patch 7 installed on it. During testing on DEV we encountered some issues which we have raised with SAP for fixes. As a result we have decided to put the PRD server upgrade on hold until those issues are fully fixed.

Before we do a full upgrade on PRD we decided to test the upgrade on an identical environment. Since we did not have a TST environment we decided clone our PRD server and name that as TST and do all installation on this virtual machine. TST server has a different name and IP address in comparison with PRD.

To separate TST from PRD I created a new SIA node under CCM and then deleted the old one. The CMS and Audit Databases are copies of PRD, but on different server with different names.

After separation the TST server was fine with all the servers running fine in CMC. There was no impact on PRD. After that I installed SP4 (inc. FP03) on the TST server along with its patch 15.

I did a reboot after the install and checked whether I could get into CMC. Had no problems. However when I tried to logon to BI Launchpad it gave HTTP 500 error.

Apparently after that all our reports in PRD started throwing "(Error: RWI 00200) (Error: INF)" errors while opening the document. When I rolled back the changes in TST server with the snapshot of the server all the reports in PRD started working fine.

The different config files in TST still have names of the PRD server. I wonder what sort of linkage is there between TST and PRD which caused this problem. ALL the servers are on Windows 2008R2.

Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this issue? I am new to BO , hence any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks