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Sep 20, 2005 at 09:45 AM

BSP - TableView overwritten by input fields in same page


Hi everybody!

We try to implement a page with a tableview, loading datas in the onCreate with a CallFunction, and then looping on itself to modify the datas before saving in a cookie:


OnInitialize <--

Layout |

Processing -


The tableView is displaying a table "T".

There is an input field "F" in the table.

We have a "reset to 0" button in the page affecting the field F of table T.

The reset is done in OnInputProcessing.

Problem : when reseting, the TableView displays the input field value, and not 0. Yet, when debugging, I can see that T contains 0, in the Layout execution.

So I guess the page input fields are overwritting the table of the tableView.

Thanks a lot in advance, best regards