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Aug 05, 2013 at 09:45 PM

Need Help- Setting up Cust. Specific Products



I have this unique situation..

Current client has 3000 customers and they currently have around 2000 product lists (not products, Each list is kind of unique to each customer it is 1:1). I have 2 issues.

1. How do I create this 2000 lists for these customers,, do I have to do the Product Views/ Catalog Views or is there any other way? If i have to do a product view... Can any one please share the tables where they get stored for conversion purposes.

2. Even though they have lets say 20 products in their product list, they want to see only those products which are been ordered in the last 12 months.. not all the products in their view.. How is it possible ? Meaning out of 20 they only order 10 products, so every time a customer is logged in the system must show them a list of the 10 products which are frequently ordered.. If they need to order the 11nth product then they have to serach in the product catalog... I took a smaller quantity here but that can 10 frequent and 500 in their product list..

Any thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated and rewarded.