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Aug 05, 2013 at 08:59 PM

Custom Email after User Decision step creation in SAP Workflow



I need to send a custom email to the Approver's External Email ID after the User Decision step is sent to his SAP Inbox. I have the email ID and a multiline Container in the Workflow which contains my Routing Reasons(why Work-item was routed to any Approver).

I searched and found below options to achieve this but could not arrive to a conclusion:

1. I can implement a Program Exit and there I can code for sending email based upon whether there is any Email ID and Routing Reason available or not.

My question is can I access Workflow Containers within the Program Exit? If not, how can I pass the containers to the Work-item using Binding. I am

using a standard task for User Decision.

2. I can create a custom User Decision Task and add my text in the task Description. But I want this as an email. If I schedule RSWUWFML2 for this custom task, will it pick the Task Description and send it as Email Body? How can I change the subject of the email.

3. Can I use Methods tab for sending email by adding an another Method in the Business Object. If yes, how do I pass multiple containers to the method. Methods tab has one line for each Container.

4. I already have Latest End & Requested End configured for sending Reminder Emails. Can I use Latest Start and add a send email step below it? Problem in this is if user acts upon the Work-item before he receives the email then this branch will never get executed.

What is the best possible and easiest solution to achieve this?

Please advise. Thanks.