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Can we have a content preview in the questions list?

Here's the top of the current questions list for this tag:

It would be a whole lot more useful if instead of just "Sajid Amir commented" it included the initial part of the comment. Partly because, if it isn't interesting I don't need to bother following the link, and partly because following the link doesn't take me to the actual comment but leaves me scrolling down trying to find it in the rest of the discussion.

Just a thought...

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2 Answers

  • Jan 11, 2017 at 07:10 PM

    I would prefer to have this as a user setting - I actually favour less content per question to be shown in lists, white space reduced, so that we can get more questions per page (and have less vertical scrolling).

    In the old platform I used to determine if the question is 'worth it' by the question title and the author. Now we don't see the author in lists, but the question title is a good indicator already if this is a FAQ, a brain dump or a well-formulated one.

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    • I agree that a user setting would be nice for this one, because when it comes to lists with or without previews it all leaves us wanting for 'More', and of course by 'more' I mean:

      Jokes aside, I take it from the perspective of a user decision to go further into the depths of the community or basically ignore it, and either Activities or Notifications as we are living with today are really not that fundamentally different from each other - they all more or less say 'something happened' - click here for the real content.

      Activities tags I'm following, people I'm following, or a piece of content (blog/question) I'm following really only benefit me when new text has been typed and submitted. If an answer or comment has been posted, then I'm more inclined to want further preview text, so in a couple of sentences I can see if it was a narrative or something more concrete without having to open a new browser and lose my place in the feed. We have the hyperlink for 'Show more...' like on a Facebook feed item, but it doesn't reveal more text it just navigates away from the feed. Using the same screen real estate and a precious item in the pagination for a like, upvote, or follow is not something I really need any further text or summary.

  • Jan 11, 2017 at 09:04 PM

    Here is a different view - if you approach it from the Tag perspective for Using, then you get at least a little bit of text preview:

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