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Aug 04, 2013 at 12:04 AM

BDC via web service


I have created a SAP RFC function module that contains a BDC that is used to update an order using VA02. When running the RFC within SAP everything is working fine, but once I tried to make the connection to our application it would give me "SOAP-ENV" is undefined. I found out that this was occurring because of the MESSAGES being passed would blow up the connection. After fixing that problem and passing the errors back within a structure things were fine until I ran the .net application again and it got the bdc transaction. When it called "CALL TRANSACTION VA02 using BDCDATA" it would blow up within that function and kill the program and pass back to .net "SOAP-ENV" is undefined. Has anyone ever ran into this same issue?

The way the RFC was consumed within my application was by going to "Service References > Add Web References" I've built many other RFC's without any issues of passing data back and forth between .net and SAP but this is the firs time I've tried to use a BDC within a FM.