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Sep 20, 2005 at 03:27 AM

Quick Poll


I am trying to set up a new page that contains a quick poll.

The process that I have followed is:

- Create a quick poll

- Start the Poll (status is now ongoing)

- Create a new page

- Add the quick poll iview to the page (as a copy of the original one found under Content Provided by SAP->End User Content->Standard Portal Users->iViews->>Quick Poll)

- Add the page to a workset

- Add the workset to a role

- Set the "campaign to be used" property of the iview under the role to the name of the poll

I can see the page OK, however I just get the message that "No quick poll is currently available"

I have searched for other posts on this, and most people seem to be not setting the campaign property, however I have done this, and it is still not working.

Any assistance would be much appreciated

Also, if anyone can point me to anywhere there is a help doc on this, it would be appreciated.