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Aug 02, 2013 at 07:36 PM



Have noticed the following changes in SP6 on cloudshare from SP5

  • The UNLOCK button occuring everytime you open the studio on SAP HANA System view of the Development perspective

- This will go away when I recover the password from the Preferences -> secure storage -> Recover Password

  • It took an average of 1 minute to activate an object when SP5 took seconds to activate - the same object : hdbtable, .xsodata etc
  • Committing Package process kicks in when you open a file and then start to edit showing below window and and is frustratingly never ending.

Is there anyway I can stop the frequent saving, commits of the package this is very annoying. Have tried disabling few settings such as:

Removed the build automatically, workspace refresh set to over 50 minutes, disabled everything under the editor and yet it continues to commit resulting into making the code not even editable.

Have anyone encountered this ? If yes please suggest some solutions here .

Also what would be the best way (performance-wise ) to connect to the remote hana on cloudshare ?