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Sep 19, 2005 at 11:16 PM

Calculation of accumulated values


Hi experts!

I'm looking for a solution on how to accumulate a value, say 0AMOUNT, over time. The reason is a requirement to look att accumulated values although only posted amounts per fiscal perioid is available from the BC extractor. So the posted amounts need to be summed up over the time dimension in order to calculate a (also historical) balance for each fiscal period. How would you best implement such a solution?

I have considered:

1) define a hierarchy on 0fiscper that groups together fiscal periods into an aggregated level - e.g 2001-01 in the hierarchy would contain actual fiscper 2001-001, 2001-02 in the hierarchy would contain both 2001-001 and 2001-002 (thereby causing an accumulated value when summed up), and so on ...

2) Do the accumulation in an update routine by some ABAP code - im not quite sure on how to do this - any suggestions would be helpul!

3) Dynamically calculate the sum of 0amount in the report although this would be the least efficient soulution...

Any help/suggestions is appreciated!

Many thanks,