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Aug 02, 2013 at 11:04 AM

is it possible to execute one Operation Mapping after other in Integrated Configuration?



I have a business requirement as below:

1. I need to send a File (NFS) to other File (FTP) and also to a EMail.

For this, can I cofigure in my ONLY ONE Integrated Configuration as below:

One Sender File Adapter with BS_SNDFile at the source side, One Receiver file adapter with BS_RCVFile and BS_RCVMail.

Now I have send file to BS_RCVFile Successfully with one OM1 and MM1, but not able to send an email to BS_RCVMail with another OM2 and MM2.

Here, my query is that, how to pass the Inbound Interface of BS_RCVFile to the Operation Mapping (OM2) and Message Mapping (MM2) of BS_RCVMail.

Moreover, I need to send an email only with Inbound interface of first receiver as a subject to the second Mail Receiver.

is it possible? is so How to proceed? or any other idea?