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Aug 02, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Automatic packing in Shipment document



Below are two scenarios where i need guidance.


Scenario - 1

My scenario is such where i need to have automatic packing at delivery as well as shipment level.

First the material will be packed under HU in the delivery automatically. This is happening as required.

Similarly multiple such deliveries will be created.

All those delivery will be packed under single pallet in the shipment document. I need to make this packing automatic. Means as soon as i create shipment, system shall automatically pack the HUs from different deliveries into the single pallet.

Can you please let me know that whether this is possible and if yes then how?


Scenario - 2

Here i want Automatic packing to be done directly at shipment level, means material will not be packed in delivery but will be packed directly in shipment.

Here i have done the entire required configuration for automatic packing in shipment.

By doing so, system is determining the packing proposal but to pack the items i need to manually click on "Automatic Packing" button in the shipment document. Then only the material are being packed unlike the delivery where the material will be packed automatically as soon as we create the delivery.

I think in delivery it might be happening because we have button to activate automatic packing in delivery at the delivery document type configuration (OVLK), but such setting is missing in the shipment type configuration.

Can you please let me know if there is a way to pack materials automatically in shipment without clicking on "Automatic Packing"?


Ritesh Tailor