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Aug 02, 2013 at 07:59 AM

Cannot create repository workspace


Hello all,

I am preparing a workshop and got a virtual infrastructure, which contains a SAP HANA database Rev. 60 and a Windows Terminal Server with HANA Studio Rev. 60. I already made data imports and data provisioning via Data Services and ODBC - worked very well.

Now I wanted to create a repository workspace. First I get the error on screenshot 002.png and if I click on the link "Repository Access" I get the error on screenshot 003.png.

I assume, that I have not enough privileges to the local folders to create the repository workspace. Obviously the "regi" entry needs to be written on a local file (probable ...\user\hdbstudio\...regi....

Can I change this entry (on screenshot 003.png) without getting other problems?

thanks a lot!!!



003.png (11.6 kB)
002.png (5.8 kB)
001.png (4.0 kB)