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Aug 02, 2013 at 07:38 AM

Legal Control- License Determination- Can we restrict the max qty to be consumed for a Delivery?


Hi All,

I had a new request today. Would like to know if this is possible in standard setup for License setup.

We need to have a General License which should only allow 10KGs max(For example) per Shipment to a country. And the maximum quantity per Country is 200KG per year.

Do we have a way to set this up in standard? I am running out of ideas.

Basically, when there is a Delivery to India with 10KG arrives to GTS, the license should assing 10KGs and deduct 10 from the max qty- 200KG.

And the same way, there shouldn't be more 10KG assigned per shipment when the delivery carries more than 10 KG.

Basically, export is allowed with a constraint as follows

-> Individual Delivery/Shipment shouldn't exceed 10 KG.

->And the total of all Shipments to that country shouldn't be more than 200 KG per year.

Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance!!!