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Aug 02, 2013 at 07:03 AM

Inventory counting "Out of Memory" with Bin Location setting in 9.0 PL05


Dear Experts

I'm using B1 V9.0 PL05 with Bin Location.

Now I'm in implemantation phase and Go-Live is planned on 1st October.

When I run open "Inventory counting - Items Selection Criteria" screen from Inventory Counting, and choose Bin Location controlled warehouse, B1 runs more than 30 minutes and end with "Out of Memory".

System environment is like below.

Client : (Terminal Server) 8GB memory

Bin Setting

Activated 4 sublevels (Shelf , step , line , depth)

Sublevels codes

Shelf : A-R,R, 51-99

Step : 01-50

Line : 01-21

Depth : 01-20

Bin Controlled Warehouse

01 ,02, 03, 04

Applied Sublevels to Warehouses.

Item Master : 2500 rows

Do someone know how to solve this "Out of Memory", not by proposing "HANA"....