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Aug 01, 2013 at 01:27 PM

CTP and safety stock


Hi Gurus,

In our business, we have MTO/CTO end items for which we have the components forecast to stock.

We use CTP after product availability check in the check instruction.

At the component level, we have the safety stock planned.

When we create a sales order for the end item, it should trigger CTP to produce the planned order. At the component level also 'Automatic planning' is active. So, it should plan for the additional quantities, if there is no enough stock/receipt.

Our requriement is at the component level, it should consume the receipt or stock planned for the safety stock before calling CTP. We are using 'Consider Safety Stock Requirements in SAP liveCache' and during PPDS planning run we are creating the safety stock requirement.

Though I set product availability check as the first step in the check instruction, it seems it is considered only for the end items, but not for the components. It is planing more receipts, though there is an early receipt planned for the safety stock.

Appreciate your inputs on this.


Manimaran M.